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I make sense of my life by reading and writing.


Hello and welcome to my personal website. I'm a transplanted Canadian living in London since 2011.  I'm a senior research fellow in the Department of English at Queen Mary University of London.  Having taken early retirement, I focus now on what I care about most: what it means to be an intellectual and a woman in this increasingly crazy world.  I've always made sense of my life by reading and writing.  My focus over the next few years will be on writing about  what that looks like and means for me now, as well as on how I got here.  With Dr Georgina Colby, I also lead SALON -LONDON: a site for reading and responding to the present through women's experimental writing.  


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Some selected accolades


Senior Research Fellow, Queen Mary University of London, 2016 - present

Professor Emerita of English, University of Calgary, 2014 - present

Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Advanced Studies, University of London, 2013

Senior Research Fellow, Gender Institute, London School of Economics, 2012